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Vietnam-China Relationship:


We already know that Vietnam and China is hostile to each other right now on the South China Sea. However, two countries still try their best to maintain peace in the land especially the border between two countries.


According to “Vietnam, as next ASEAN chair, urges China to behave in S. China Sea”, Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Quoc Dung said:

《 越南作为下一届东盟轮值主席国,敦促中国在南海有所作为 》一文中,越南副外长阮国勇表示:

“”You have seen what China has done a couple of months before in Vietnam’s EEZ. Of course, it’s a blatant violation of our sovereignty. But Vietnam…did exercise self-restraint and finally China withdrew from the EEZ, but I am not sure if such kind of thing will not happen again,” Dung said.

“ 相信各位均已看到几个月前中国在越南专属经济区的所作所为,显然,这是对我们主权的公然侵犯,但越南保持了克制,最终中国退出了专属经济区,但我不确定这种事情是否会再次发生。”

“What China did was very alarming and also a kind of threatening. Not only Vietnam but also other countries see the potential of being threatened in the future,” he said.

胜利彩票_[官网首页]“ 中国的所作所为非常令人震惊,也是一种威胁,不仅越南,其他国家也看到了未来受到威胁的可能性。”

Look like some Vietnamese is pissed off right now they decide to “bring it on” with China. Some acquaintances tell me that Vietnam Coast Guards are currently ramming with China Coast Guard right now. MOFA Spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang had responsed to Haiyang Dizhi 8 so directly to demand them withdraw from Vietnam water territory.

一些越南人很生气,他们决定和中国“ 干一场”。
胜利彩票_[官网首页]我的熟人告诉我,越南海岸警卫队目前正在与中国海岸警卫队发生冲撞,外交部发言人黎氏秋恒直接回应"海洋地质8号" 勘察作业事件,要求他们从越南水域撤出。

文章发布于2020年1月13号,他指的2019年7月19日发生在中越南海对峙,越方外交部首度指名道姓,指责中国 " 海洋地质八号"等舰船侵犯了越南专属经济区,中国勘探船“海洋地质八号”7月初在武装海警船护卫下,进入南沙群岛最西侧陆地浅滩万安滩进行石油勘探作业,越南随即紧急出动数艘海警船与中方船舰对峙。

China is currently building the border wall or the border fence or the border barrier exactly between the two countries in case that the war can be triggered between two countries for some reason only god know. You guy can view the video about the border wall:
See Directly Vietnam-China Border Wall-LangSon Travel (C?N C?NH B?C T??NG BIêN GI?I VI?T NAM TRUNG QU?C – LANG SON TRAVEL)


Border Walll Seperate Vietnam And China And Bac Xa Binh Lieu Border Road (B?c T??ng Bi?n Gi?i Ng?n Cách Vi?t Nam Trung Qu?c Và ???ng Vành ?ai Biên Gi?i B?c Xa Bình Liêu)


I know the fence also has the gate or door but I still think this is the sign of incoming war between Vietnam and China but I am not being paranoid about this. Vietnamese is paranoid so much about the war is coming thank for the border wall.


In conclusion, Vietnam and China hostile to each other on South China Sea.


Vietnam-US Relationship:


And that appears to be what’s happening. News reports have noted anecdotal evidence of the shift, with business owners and analysts saying they’ve seen the relocation of companies’ manufacturing facilities to Vietnam.


Zhejiang Hailide New Material, which makes industrial yarns, told investors last year it would set up a factory in Vietnam to avoid tariff hikes. Hl Corp, which makes bike parts, also said last year that it was moving production to Vietnam in hopes of evading tariffs. And GoerTek, a producer of Apple’s AirPods, also plans to move production to Vietnam.”

自行车部件生产商Hl Corp去年也表示,将把生产转移到越南,希望借此规避关税,苹果AirPods的生产商GoerTek也计划将生产转移到越南。

From this, we can find out that US and its lackeys are try to turn Vietnam into new factory. This is not good in long term if my understand on economic is right. According to “Vietnam gains ground in shift from China”, Vietnam also gains some profits when Google and Apple, and other ones move to their factories from China to Vietnam:

根据《 越南在从中国转移中取得进展》一文的说法,当谷歌和苹果等公司从中国转移到越南的工厂时,越南获得了一些利润:

“The magnitude of the shift from China to Vietnam is hard to measure, in part because multinationals are keeping their moves discreet to avoid upsetting delicate government and supplier relationships in China.


But Vietnam’s trade numbers, not least its record $39.5bn surplus with the US last year, suggest a significant realignment is under way, as do anecdotes from companies, consultants and suppliers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

但越南的贸易数据 ( 尤其是去年对美395亿美元的创纪录贸易顺差) 表明,越南正在进行重大调整,来自河内和胡志明市的企业、顾问和供应商的传闻也表明了这一点。

Apple recently began trial production of its AirPods in Vietnam, according to Nikkei. Amazon and Home Depot are among the retailers that have stepped up sourcing in Vietnam recently, according to Vu Ngoc Khiem, country director for Global Sources, a consultancy that lixs global suppliers to buyers.

据日经新闻报道,苹果公司最近开始在越南试产AirPods,全球资源咨询公司 ( Global Sources) 越南业务主管Vu Ngoc Khiem表示,亚马逊和家得宝(Home Depot) 等零售商最近加大了在越南的采购力度。

But trade experts said Vietnam is limited in how quickly it can lure manufacturing orders from China.


“Global supply chains are complicated,” said Adam Sitkoff, executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi. “There are a lot of players and a lot of workers involved, and you can’t just pick up and move from one day to the next because of tariffs.”


Bac Ninh, a densely settled region of factories, malls, chain restaurants, housing for migrant workers, and other ex-urban sprawl, is the country’s smallest province but has attracted $18.2bn of foreign investment in recent years from Samsung, Canon and Nokia, according to Mr Quat.”


According to “U.S. Security Cooperation With Vietnam”, Vietnam also receive fund on military from US:


“In March 2018, the U.S.S. Carl Vinson visited Da Nang, Vietnam for a historic four-day port call. Sailors participated in cultural and professional exchanges during community service events, sports competitions, ship tours, and a formal reception aboard the aircraft carrier. This visit was the first by a U.S. aircraft carrier in more than 40 years.

“ 2018年3月,美国海军航母卡尔文森号访问了越南岘港,进行了历史性的为期四天的港口停靠,水手们在社区服务活动、体育比赛、船只参观以及航空母舰上的正式招待会期间参与文化和专业交流,这是美国航空母舰40多年来的首次访问。

The Department has also authorized $22.5 million in Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) to Vietnam from CY2014 – CY2018, with nearly $11 million of that total coming in the last two years.


From FY2013 – FY2018, Vietnam received over $56 million in bilateral State Department-funded security assistance under the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program. FMF funded the transfer and refurbishment of a former U.S. Coast Guard cutter to Vietnam under the Excess Defense Article program. This was the first major defense transfer between the United States and Vietnam, and is currently the largest vessel in Vietnam’s military inventory. FMF has also funded the acquisition of 24 45-ft Metal Shark fast patrol boats, the first 12 of which have been delivered as of April 2018.

胜利彩票_[官网首页]从2013财政年度到2018财政年度,越南通过外国军事融资 ( FMF) 项目下收到了超过5600万美元的美国国务院资助的双边安全援助。

From FY2015 – FY2018, Vietnam has also received $26.25 million in FMF funds under the Department’s Southeast Asia Maritime Security Initiative (SAMSI) regional FMF account which is designed to enhance maritime domain awareness, increase the presence of partner countries in their own territorial waters, and help them to maintain the rights and freedoms specified under the international law of the sea.

2015财政年度至2018财政年度,越南还根据美国务院的东南亚海上安全倡议, FMF获得了2625万美元的 FMF 基金,该基金旨在提高对海洋领域的勘察,增加伙伴国家在本国领海的存在,并帮助它们维护国际海洋法规定的权利和自由。

The Department of Defense also provided Vietnam with over $16 million in additional assistance in FY2017 and FY2018 to assist Vietnam in enhancing its maritime capacity.”


However, Vietnam still maintain its policy “Four Nos”, and they don’t let US set any military barracks in their country. Vietnam stills try to main their neutral position in the world.


According to “U.S. Seeks Stronger Defense Relationship With Vietnam”, Randall G. Schriver explained:

在《美国寻求加强与越南的防御关系》一文中,兰德尔 · G · 施里弗解释道:

From my observation, look like Vietnam-US relationship same to Vietnam-EU relationship or relationships with any first world countries is mostly on economic because Vietnam government does not have ability to create jobs for their people so the foreign factories is the only way can save Vietnamese from being unemployment. We already know that US, same to other first world countries, has very low blue-collar workers with the good skills. However, the thing will bring to Vietnam the long term or short term, bad or good result, I don’t know because there is no discussion on the topic, and majority of Vietnamese believes this is good for them because they need jobs but I am being skeptical about this.

我们知道,美国和其他第一世界国家一样,高技能的蓝领工人非常少,然而,这会给越南带来长期或短期,或好或坏的结果 —— 我不知道,因为没有讨论过这个话题,大多数越南人认为这对他们有好处,因为他们需要工作,但我对此持怀疑态度。

US wants to turn Vietnam into their new factory that can make US products to them. Vietnamese today trust US so blindly, and they always think that US will protect Vietnam from China. I am not surprised that Vietnamese want their own country become a vassal state of US due to the myth “US’s vassal state always rich and have happy life than anti-imperialist countries.” US need to weak China first so they can destroy China because China will be weakness in both economic and military after the war with Vietnam even if they win Vietnam. US also does not want to lose their new cheap labors, and a new place that willing import trashed every year for money, of course.


I also (try to) believe that Vietnam right now try to maintain their neutral position as much as they can like what they have done before 2013. With the neutral position, Vietnam don’t give US, Russia, and Israel other reasons to hate, but cannot tell the country trust Vietnam entirely, of course. Vietnam can use the relationship with three countries above to pressure China to know how to behave in South China Sea (I hope I’m right this time).

带着中立的立场,越南没有给美国、俄罗斯和以色列等国家仇恨的理由,但也显然不能完全获得它们的信任, 越南可以利用与上述三个国家的关系向中国施压,让中国知道应该如何在南海行事( 我希望这次我是对的 )。

I hope my analysis help you guys understand about Vietnam relationship with the superpower country and I hope you guys can give me feedback as much as you can.